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GMail Desktop Studio Portable

By admin | Sunday, January 4, 2009

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GMail Desktop Studio brings all the features of GMail to your desktop. With a system tray notification system, a built in browser, and the ability to handle mailto links: GMail Desktop keeps your GMail accounts within a mouse click. GMail Desktop Studio allows you to monitor multiple GMail or Google Apps for your Domain accounts. The system tray notification system allows you to see how many new messages you have without any interaction from you.

From the new mail notification window you can click on any of your messages to instantly view. GMail Desktop Studio is great for those who want quick access to their GMail accounts, and instant notification of new mail.

* Works with GMail and Google Apps for your Domain accounts
* Built in Email viewer with quick launch features
* Ability to handle mailto links
* Ability to handle multiple accounts
* Color association for accounts
* Monitor different GMail tags
* Custom notification options per account

System Requirements:
* Windows 2K or greater
* IE6 or greater
* 256MB Ram or greater
* 15MB disk or greater
* Pentium 300 or greater

Why GMail Desktop Studio?
* Monitor more than one GMail account
* Monitor Google Apps For Your Domain GMail accounts
* Customized notification options per GMail account
* Put an account’s notification to sleep at specific times
* Built in Email client for fast GMail access
* Associate all ‘mailto:’ links to GMail Desktop Studio
* Keep all of your GMail accounts within a system tray click
* Monitor different tags under different accounts, and only be notified of important Emails.

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