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Corel Home Office 5.0.30 Portable

By admin | Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Corel Home Office’s applications work under the Microsoft Windows XP/Vista and later environments, and use standard Windows operations. They are integrated, which means that they work together: you can take information from a spreadsheet, display it as part of a report in Write.

Corel Home Office (or simply Home Office for short) consists of three powerful applications:
- WRITE lets you create, format and print documents (see Write).
- CALCULATE lets you create numeric models, make “what if” projections, produce cash flows, and draw charts (see Calculate).
- SHOW lets you create slide shows and rolling demos (see Show)

You can start Home Office applications, switch between them (and other Windows applications) and exit them in the same way as with any standard Windows application. Select the Start button on the Windows taskbar, select All Programs, select Corel Home Office from the list of programs, and then select a Home Office application.
As Home Office is an integrated suite of applications, you can change between applications very easily, using several methods:
- Click on the relevant application along the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to change to an already open window.
- Use ALT+TAB to sequence through all the open windows.
- If the application’s window is visible on the screen, simply click on it to make it the active application.

Download Corel Home Office 5.0.30 Portable | 60.6 MB.

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