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Magix Photo Clinic 6 e-version Portable

By admin | Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Impressive perspective effects
- Now, photo montages stand out even more with the new deformation function. Whether it's funny distortions or perspective effects like making text disappear in your picture, you are sure to amaze your friends!

Improved object handling in various collages
- You can select background and objects in a picture by simply right-clicking on them. This way, you can orient yourself even in complex collages, and bring individual objects to front or to back by using buttons.

Create screenshots . its easy
- Making screenshots is easy as pie with the new multiple screenshot function . useful whether you want to take a beautiful website as a template for your own, or to document an online ordering process. You can make as many screenshots in succession as you like, and all will be saved as files in a specified folder.

Cropping is a child's play
- The completely redesigned cropping tool helps you get your picture to the size you want. If you are not happy with your selection, you can change the cropped area as you wish.

Your original files . always safe
- Accidentally overwritten your original file? Not with the new intelligent save dialog. Altered originals are recognized, and it is up to you to decide whether the original should be overwritten or a copy should be created instead. Of course, this safety feature can also be deactivated.

The all-round solution for beginners and ambitious photographers!
Have you a lot of ideas just waiting to be set free? We have the solution to make you creativity reality. Discover the options for pixel-precise photo optimization and creative picture design with
innovative tools and simple handling . lightning fast & ingeniously simple!

Easily import photos:
- MAGIX Photo Clinic 6.0 supports all standard picture formats as well as the picture import from TWAIN-compatible scanners, digital cameras, photo CDs or straight from your hard disk. With the clear picture browser you can quickly find photos from large collections or import many photos at once.

Edit with perfection:
- Whether its optimization, detailed editing, or creative photo design, with MAGIX Photo Clinic 6.0 you have a grip on your pictures. If you ever find yourself stuck, our Task Assistant will take you to where you want to go.

Impressive presentations:
- Present your masterpieces to your family and friends as personal greeting cards, comics, beautiful paintings, etc. Or optimize your pictures for Internet presentation, on your mobile phone, or on a portable viewing device . its all just a few clicks away.

Endless possibilities . simple to use
- Add gloss to your pictures or teleport yourself from your garden to the south seas with the photo montage function. Transform your photos into artistic oil paintings and convert your living room into a gallery with your own pictures. At last you can make your creative ideas reality in just a few mouse clicks. With MAGIX Photo Clinic you can easily get the very best out of your photos because professional results can be so easy.

Download Magix Photo Clinic 6 e-version Portable 14,4 MB
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