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MAGIX Samplitude Pro X v12.0

By admin | Sunday, October 9, 2011

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MAGIX Samplitude Pro X v12.0
Magix Samplitude Professional is an audio processing from recording to mastering. Unlike the other digital audio workstations, allowing complete Samplitude in the workflow, where all steps, from the composition and creation of sound recordings using a VST instrument for editing, mixing, and mastering the CD to finish, taking place in one program. Samplitude is purely native PC software and therefore independent of proprietary audio hardware. Basically, that means the program works just as well on a laptop as on a workstation with a dozens of audio inputs and outputs.

What's new?
64-Bit support
For the first time Samplitude Pro X offers the opportunity for you to take advantage of 64-bit applications and uses 64-bit plug-ins. Additionally you can still use 32-bit plug-ins. It is operated by an internal bridge and can be combined with plug-64-bit.

Needless to say Samplitude Pro X works on the operating system 32-bit and 64-bit. The main difference is in the amount of RAM available. On 64-bit operating systems 32-bit applications can use up to 4 GB of RAM (twice as much as in Microsoft Windows versions 32-bit), while the native 64-bit applications are able to use much more RAM (up to terabytes, depending on the components system).

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X v12.0
MAGIX Samplitude Pro X v12.0.Part2
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