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Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010

By admin | Saturday, December 10, 2011

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A set of tools for profiling allows you to simulate the surface for the projection profile of any type. Graphical and tabular management profiling are easy to use. Function profiling using dynamic models of the relationship between the corridors and routes / profiles.
Information modeling of roads:
Based on specific local design criteria can be performed quickly build dynamic plans and profiles. Defined in the criteria for dependence continue to operate and optimize routes - for example, per-element and on the tops of the corners.

Simulation tools allow the creation of corridors intelligent model of roads and other linear objects. In modeling the corridors of different objects using custom components cross-section, known as structural elements. In describing the transitions in the corridors allowed the direct use of trails, survey figure, the characteristic lines and polylines AutoCAD. Function interactively build intersections allows you to create complex models of intersections of roads, which reflect all the changes in the project. Models corridors may be used when creating the design of surfaces, calculating the volume of earthworks, bill of materials, construction of cross sections and in other tasks.

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