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Quick and Easy Way To Download All Photos From Facebook Albums

By admin | Sunday, June 3, 2012

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This article will explain about how to download all the photos in a Facebook user ( yours or a friends ) quickly, efficient and easy you can use a Firefox Extension called Firefox Fuschipranie. Using this Add-on you can download all the photos from a certain album without using any other third party application.

Using it is easy. All you have to do is choose the photo album, then right click and choose “Fuschipranie Download“. Next a dialog box will appear which will ask you to choose a starting name for the image or to use the same name as you used in Facebook. By choosing the starting name it will make it easier to search the image once its saved in your computer.

Then click OK to continue , choose where you want to save the images. You can make a new folder to save the images.

More about this add-on – Fluschipranie is an addon for downloading your facebook albums
  • Go to your albums section or whenever you have an album link.
  • You just make right-mouse click over your albums links, a menu should appear with fluschipranies download option, click it.
  • A textfield popup should appear, especify in it the prefix of your photos.If you leave this field empty or you check facebook default below, in such case the default facebook’s prefix will be used.
  • A file picker should appear after step 3, choose the directory where you want the album to be downloaded.
  • Go to the folder you picked in step4 to see your photos.
  • If you do not want to be prompted for options everytime, select the widget icon below in the widget bar of firefox, a popup should appear, uncheck > prompt for options everytime, press the options button to set and change the default settings to your owns
  • With using the Fuschipranie Add-on now you don’t have to download your photos one by one from an album. This extension only can be used on the Firefox browser
I hope this tutorial still works fine now. Enjoy! Download and Install Fuschipranie For Firefox

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